How To Chose Right Dining Room Chairs Part Two

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How to choose best dining chair Part Two


The dining room is not only a space for meals, but also a place that is the most used place for relax, study and other activities during the day. Whatever the reason, it is important to choose a dining room chair that is comfortable and able to sit for a long time. This article will help you choose the right one from dining room manufacturers.


Dining Room Chair Styles


The furniture that can make whole dining room look very modern and full with sense of fashion must be dining room chairs. When selecting chairs that suit your dining room style and preferences, there are a few elements you need to remember


Dining Chair Types


The most popular dining chair types are wood, metal and upholstered. Next, we will introduce their advantages and disadvantages one by one.


Wood Dining Room Chairs


Advantages: Wooden dining room chairs are very appropriate for families with traditional atmosphere. What’s more wood furniture creates the sense of natural world indoors to a large extent. If you live in high density departments and may want to cultivate nature in your living space. Wood is the perfect way to achieve this goal. Disadvantages: But its style is more specific, sometimes not so formal. The paint surface of wooden chair will be easily scratched by sharp or heavy objects, exposing the wood raw material. The color will become darker as time goes by.


Metal Dining Chairs


Advantages: Metal dining chairs have various forms, which are easy to clean up stains and are not easy to damage. Disadvantages: However weight is a major disadvantage of it, and it may scratch your floor when you move metal chairs. Because of its heat absorbing property, please try to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. In addition, dining room is the place for families and guests to communicate naturally and easily, the coldness brought by the metal will reduce the dining pleasure.


Upholstered Dining Chairs


Upholstered dining chair is a great option, they can represent different styles and provide comfort and reduce damages caused by scratches, heat absorption and weight. In particular, velvet upholstered chair costs cheap and this fabric is durable and waterproof. Its service life is quite longer than other materials. Thick sponge fills the entire backrest and seat, making velvet chair soft and breathable, you will not get fatigued from long time conversations. Wrinkle resistance and non balling is another bring spot of this material. Don’t worry about wrinkling problem again. After getting up, this upholstered dining chair will return to its natural state. (Alt: Velvet upholstered dining chair)


Upholstered dining chairs




 Arm or Armless Dining Chair


Arm dining chairs is light overall, and armrests allow hands to find a relaxed position to adjust their sitting postures. However, this chair has limitations on the range of arm movements. When you get up and sit down, you need to remove the chair, which is not very convenient for people who like to move frequently. Arm chairs around the dining table do not look like they are in the dining room but in the meeting room. 


Armless dining chair is convenient to move your body left and right, easily get in and out. This kind of chair is suitable for meals and chats. The biggest disadvantage is safety. If you move too much or just forget that there are no armrests, you would be easy to fall off from armless chairs


arm-less dining chair


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